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Our beautiful land

We are in an area where the innumerable industrial plants do not conceal a history of simple, hardworking people.
This shows up in every corner of the landscape: the plain with its vineyards, its fruit orchards and fields of grain which spread all the way up into the Upper Appenines where there are chestnut and beech woods. Nature walks include the nearby Salse di Nirano, an ancient geological formation mentioned by Pliny the Elder and which consist of small volcanoes of salt mud (clay) where the craters blow out inflammable gas indicating the presence of hydrocarbons in the subsoil.
There are the outcrops of rock at Sassi di Roccamalatina, a regional park with a fascinating ecosystem including waterways and woods rich with flora and fauna and where kestrels and peregrine hawks nest in its steep walls. The Upper Appenine regional park is a magnificent natural area with walks which include medieval castles such as that of Formigine. Built in 1201, its 800-year history has seen it acting both as protagonist and spectator at the events that have marked the history of the area. At present it is acting as Town Hall, soon to become a culture centre. The town of Vignola has an imposing castle set strategically to control ancient roads where the Panaro River flows onto the plain. Built at different periods, starting in the tenth century, it is dominated by three beautiful towers, one of which is constructed entirely out of river stones. The beautiful old town surrounds the castle. Castelvetro, Spezzano and Pavullo to name just a few, are some of the closest castles.
And there is the city of Modena where the cathedral, the Academy and the botanical garden of the University are all worth a visit, and let's not forget the Storchi Theatre with its fine theatre season. A pleasant journey is one that goes round the flavours offered by Emilian cuisine, famous throughout the world for its unequalled Parmesan cheese, its unique Lambrusco wine, balsamic vinegar, tortellini and so on.


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